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We are a small, agile team, dedicated to deliver the best cybersecurity services out there.
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Our Services

IDPS - Automated security package to setup server for full protection.
IDS Signatures - Our IDS Signatures for Suricata are free for use to everyone.
IPrep - Free IP reputation service ( Coming Soon! )

What is IDPS?

A full blown rule based intrusion detection system, built on top of rock solid, Open Source products like Suricata and HAProxy. We offer a security package, which installs directly on Ubuntu/Centos/Debian powered server and configures everything to evaluate incoming and outgoing network traffic for malicious activity.

What does IDPS provide?

Inspects network traffic content for suspicious or malicious activity and outright blocks it
Inspects every HTTP request in real-time to your WEB applications so we can prevent exploit attempts in most effective way possible.
Supports decrypting TLS on server, so exploit attempts can be blocked before they even reach Your WEB server process.
Instantly block 16506 malicious IP addresses
We aggregate information about the most aggressive IP addresses seen world wide.
Everything happens directly on server, no traffic redirection to 3rd party servers required.
Software vulnerability detection
If any new IP address is trying to exploit security vulnerability, not only it gets blocked in the process, but also is added to the list of known bad IP addresses.
Web crawlers
Internet is filled with malicious bots and crawlers. We allow you to select which bots should be allowed to connect to your server and which bots are blocked. For example some of our clients prefer to allow Google and Bing bots to access their server, however block bots like Huawei's PetalBot. Pick ones you don't want to see or ask us about the best options according to your preferences.
Security scanners detection and prevention
Every day services like Shodan or Censys connect to all of the servers on the internet. Why block them? Because that way your server can effectively fly under the radar of every such scanner. A lot of malicious entities out there simply wont know about existence of your server.
Simple and intuitive dashboard
Monitor incoming threats live.
Custom threat signatures
Tell us what issues you have with your network and we will write custom signatures to block the malicious activity.

See this demo on how to get started!

No artificial service segragation - one price for full single server protection!

Full server protection

On-site TLS Decryption

Custom Cyber Event Dashboard

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